Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Courage is a Wispy Thing Compared to Fear

Newt Gingrich just called taking credit for everything that happened in America since 1981, when Ronnie Reagan initiated the downward spiral of this once great country. After he called Barack Obama a long list of negative meaningless buzzwords, he told me that I should stay on the line and speak with his assistant which I decided would be fun, so I did. His assistant turned out to be a nice sounding lady who told me she was glad I supported conservative values so much that I was willing to talk with her. "I just wanted to ask you some questions, actually." says I. "What do you mean?" "Well I just wonder what kind of person would be the assistant for a man who would cram so many lies and misrepresentations into a two minute robo call? I mean, what kind of person can speak to me as if we both didn't know that everything Newt just said was a lie?" "I don't know sir, I didn't listen to it," Newt's assistant said. "I'm amazed but not surprised. How can you support someone who is nothing but a tool for international corporations and rich people? Newt was a two bit history teacher at a junior college when he decided the way to get rich was to start 'Lyin' for the Man' and you're helping him. You know he was kicked out of the most powerful job in Congress for corruption? You're supporting a really creepy and corrupt politician who doesn't have your best interests anywhere near his heart. How can you do that?" "It's a job, sir. Thank y..." "Wal Mart's hiring and as lousy as they pay I'll bet it's as much as you're getting paid by Newt and you wouldn't be helping to destroy your country quite so much. did you listen to what he said?" "I don't know, sir. I didn't listen to the message." "Well, Newt is trying to be the one who leads the charge to destroy working people in this country. Why are you doing that to yourself? You sound like a decent person. Find another job that you can hold your head up and be proud of doing. Quit helping these people." "I need this job, sir. Thank you for calling. Good bye." When Newt calls, I don't think any of us should hang up. Think of it as a ministry amongst the heathens. Courage, Steve

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