Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sunday Reader: ALEC Pushes For the End to "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"

The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, is working overtime and with huge cash infusions to become America's shadow government. The recent rash of anti teacher, public school, union, environment, regulation, tax, etc. legislation all hails from ALEC's legion of hired legal hit men run by Shook, Hardy, and Bacon, the law firm representing big tobacco and big coal and big TVA in their respective lawsuits from the American citizens harmed in the course of doing business. After the last election cycle and before the start of the legislative sessions, ALEC held an indoctrination for Tea Party candidates in Washington to introduce its agenda.  In Tennessee we had this rubbed full in our faces as our representatives and senators were allowed to expense off the week long junket to taxpayers. It takes a lot of damned gall to use a teacher's tax money to pay for your entertainment and brainwashing and then work to eliminate her job.

The curtain is being drawn back on ALEC and the man behind the curtain is particularly ugly. Now, the threat that ALEC poses to the American people has so frightened ALEC staffers that some of them have funneled insider documents to the media detailing the plans for destruction of the American way...You know, that tired old "Truth and Justice" thing.

A quick overview can be found here. Then bookmark the site, ALEC Exposed, to keep score on the shadow revolution being waged against the citizens of America. Here's The Nation Article.

Keep foremost in your mind that all the hot button issues, guns, gays, god, abortion, communists in the basement, and those evil old unions who actually speak up for working people, are nothing but false canards aimed at distracting the very people who will be forever enslaved if ALEC's mission to destroy the power of the middle class is successful.

We have a fight to fight, people!

Are you ready?


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