Thursday, October 20, 2011

US Health Care System Most Costly, Care Substandard

As we've been saying, Americans pay the most for healthcare and get crappy service to boot. Where's my public option?
Sharply rising costs are putting both access and budgets at risk. Health care spending per person in the U.S. is double that in several other major industrialized countries, and costs in the U.S. continue to rise faster than income. We are headed toward spending $1 of every $5 of national income on health care. We should expect a better return on this investment.
Lowering insurance administrative costs to benchmark country rates could alone save up to $114 billion a year, or $55 billion if such costs were lowered to the level in countries with a mixed private–public insurance system, like the U.S. has.


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  1. I'm pretty happy with my VA health care. I hated the Navy when I was in it, but now I'm glad I enlisted 30 years ago.