Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TN Legislature Continues to Disgrace TN

So the state senate refused to honor a tireless activist who has given an incredible amount of unchallenged goodness to her city. Why? Because the national organization she is affiliated with encouraged undocumented workers to not show up at work one day.  What? He wants undocumented aliens to show up for work? 

Another idiotic gun bill has been introduced that would allow patrons of restaurants to sue the owners for not allowing weapons if they get bitten by a racoon. 

From Crockett:

Tennessee Senate Refuses To Honor Latina Activist Renata Soto, Citing Objections To National Group

Four gun bills up for discussion before Tenn. Senate committee

House Authorizes AG to Investigate Durham for Misconduct

Online testing fiasco sends Tennessee ed officials back to the drawing board

House voucher vote delayed until Thursday

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Crockett Buzz for 2-4-16


Environmental group says Tennessee water regulation swirling down drain

Gloria Johnson will seek state House seat she lost to Rep. Eddie Smith in 2014

Only So Much Durham Could Blame on Media

TN Democratic Party Unhappy With Investigation Into Durham Allegations

Tennessee Lawmakers Likely to Maintain Inaction on Rural Broadband

Harwell on Durham: No impact on 2018 run for governor

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Young Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Hillary's Message

It is a statement as to my chronological age that I consider 39 to be the dividing line between young and old (for the purposes of this analysis only). I take one thing away from last night's Iowa caucus: Young Americans don't like the world that the old establishment is going to leave them with and are determined to change that.
According to the entrance polls, which wrongly predicted a Clinton victory, Sanders got eighty-six per cent of the Democratic vote in the seventeen-to-twenty-four age group, eighty-one per cent in the twenty-five-to-twenty-nine group, and sixty-five per cent in the thirty-to-thirty-nine age group.
The youth of America are going with the message carried by the oldest candidate in this race, Bernie Sanders. More

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mancini Calls for GOP Leaders' Resignation Over Cover Up...Buzz for 1-26-16

Anti-voucher groups urge bill's defeat

State Lawmakers Take A Swipe At Tennessee Education Association

Democratic chief calls for resignation of House GOP leaders

Today’s AP wrap-up on ‘sorely disappointed’ Durham

Friday, January 22, 2016

Headline: "TN Lawmakers Act Goofy"...This is NOT News, People!

Our state is in deep trouble.

Tennessee Lawmakers Act Goofy, Attack Each Other Over Car Pollution

Bill would create September legislative session

Haslam reveals his 2016 legislative agenda

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TN Legislature Controlled by Dark Money...More from the Buzz

With Todd out for surgery, House leadership plans to force vouchers through

State bill would prohibit affordable housing mandates

Group Hopes To Rekindle Fight Over Same-Sex Marriage In Tennessee

‘Dark money’ remains a problem in Tennessee politics

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Buzz for 1-19-16: Lt. Gov Ramsey Runs This State and Don't You Forget It!

Marriage defense, school vouchers among 4 bills to watch

TN legislature low on women, high on businessmen and Christians

Religion often intersects with Tennessee politics

Ramsey: Insure Tennessee doesn't have a chance