Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Top Story Not Mass Uprising against Wall Street

So hundreds of people have been arrested for peaceful protests on Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge was shut down by thousands of people who want government to be "Of, By, and For The People" instead of the Wall Street financial interests. Protesters were roughed up and a police supervisor walked over and maced several women who were standing on the sidewalk leaving them blind and screaming as he turned and walked away. In  the last days of the Bush Administration America bailed out Wall Street to the tune of a trillion dollars or so and they haven't even said thank you and continue to send American jobs overseas and generally run our country into the ground. You would think that a spontaneous uprising against America's financial sector by thousands of people would make headline news but the number one story on NBC this morning was an Italian murder appeal court proceeding. 

Thank you, Clay Bennett

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