Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cain Kills in TN

I am stunned at the reception GOP Leading presidential candidate Herman Cain got in Tennessee. If he had said he's going to raise taxes on poor people and the middle class, end Social Security, and raise Sales tax to 18% in Tennessee, the crowd would have cheered...Oh, wait...That is exactly what he said!

The U.S. should secure its border with Mexico by building a 20-foot, barbed-wire, electrified fence, Cain said (with) signs, in English and Spanish, saying “it will kill you,’” 
 “No, I’m not going to change” the 9-9-9 plan, Cain said in Cookesville today. “I’m not going to back down.
 “He is ultra conservative and that’s what I like,” said Stevens, a spokesman for the Humphreys County Tea Party, which helped organize the event. “We don’t want moderates or Republicans in name only.”
The Bloomberg Story

Cain's plan would financially destroy the middle class and immediately bankrupt the US. Rich people would have their taxes slashed. It's like Republican candidates are defending the deregulation and tax cuts for the rich that have gotten America into near financial default and killed our jobs by claiming that the reason their plan to hit us in the head with a hammer hasn't worked so far is because that Obama won't let them hit us hard enough.

Note to the GOP: A successful parasite does not kill off its host.

So how does Cain keep going with so little money and no organization? The Tea Puppets look like they've been given their marching orders:

Long Ties to Koch Brothers Key to Cain Campaign

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