Monday, February 27, 2012

This is a Very Brave Young Lady

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Christians would be better served to follow Jesus instead of the church in respecting religious matters that are different from their own. I tend to think that people who get irate over differing religious views do so because their own justification is rather weak. This young lady sees the ever present promotion of faith within her school as an oppressive thing and a violation of American principles.
The Christian faith cannot rule the United States. It is unconstitutional. Religion and government are supposed to be separate. If we let this slide, what other amendments to the Constitution will be ignored? I leave you to decide what you will or will not do, but just remember that nonbelievers are not what you originally thought we were. We are human beings — just like you...Krystal Myers, Editor Lenoir City High School student newspaper

See also Jack McElroy's piece, "If we shrink from controversy, we might as well not have a First Amendment." Jack also openly admits that his bosses tell him what he can publish in his newspaper.

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  1. The problem is....the Right has already co-opted the constitution and the Bible for JUST themselves. Freedom of long as it's what they consider proper, and serves their purpose. Freedom of long as it furthers THEIR ideas only.

    Only white, old, married, straight, fundamentalist (and Catholics, if they can use Bishops in their fight), high-school-only, wealthy (or inherited money), gullible, easily led, hopefully MALES are embraced.