Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Elevator Speech

You might want to read this first. 

My speech is a work in progress and at present uses only a minute and a half of the allotted three minutes:
I propose the creation of a new religion. The ones we have now have and are failing horribly with the grotesque message that heavenly rewards await only those who die with the proper attitude. Rather than serving the Creator of the Universe, this seems to serve the ends and purposes of men and is highly suspect to the thoughtful. For instance, why is it considered blasphemous to burn a copy of, say, the Torah, Quran, or the King James Bible, all of which contain a finite and contradictory body of ill defined so-called truths, and yet at the same time be completely permissible to erase a species from this planet for all eternity?
Every single species contains within it's DNA more information than all the so called religious texts ever thumped by man. Every adherent of any one of those texts will argue that the other texts are false and are not the true works of the Creator (Personally, I find myself in the position of agreeing with all of them in this particular instance), and yet, ignored by these adherents and with which neither they nor anyone else will disagree, is that the Earth and its inhabitants are ALL true works of the Creator. This is unarguable to the sane!
To allow the destruction of any of the Creator's works and purposefully erasing all the messages that would be conveyed to mankind as science teaches us to read in the language of the Universe is the true blasphemy. To claim that the Creator wants this is evil.


  1. Excellent. Anxiously awaiting the second minute and a half.

  2. Ignoring the grammar and spelling errors, you probably don't want to wipe out half the human species with your continued use of "man and mankind".

  3. Since my spell checker shows no spelling errors, perhaps you would like to point them out for me. I'm working on more of this and I would hate for someone to fixate on my errors instead of my message.