Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not All Christians Are Like That

The student editor of the Lenoir City High School newspaper has been denied her request to publish an essay entitled, "No Rights, The Life of an Atheist". The Knox News Sentinel article is here. The school's position is beneath contempt. They claim they aren't denying publication on religious grounds but because it would be disruptive. This is like saying they can't allow an anti bigotry essay to be published because they have too many racists there and it would upset them, and yes, I'm comparing a particular brand of self labelled Christianity to bigotry. The  young student readily notes that she isn't worried about what her fellow students think, they don't have any problem with her opinions. It's the teachers and administrators she's worried about.

What are these particular Christians so afraid of? They support allowing government employees to post Christian religious tracts on school property but are afraid of an essay written by a very smart and thoughtful student that espouses no religion? Why not face those fears and be proud of this young person as a product of her education? Is their religion so weak that it must replace the love and tolerance that Jesus called for with hate, fear, and oppression?

Unless she's right in her claims and they really are discriminating against her and the ideas she presents. How weak this particular brand of Christianity must be if it can't tolerate opposing ideas.

Not all Christians are like that.

The ACLU has a very good publication that guides teachers and administrators in what is legal, constitutional, and right when considering actions regarding religious activities at school. 

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  1. Hello,

    I also read that article and made my comments on the hypocritical treatment of this student. It's getting a LITTLE mean out there with the "my way is right and you don't count" thing that seems to have taken over our country.

    Found your blog through Juanita her take on things. Will follow now, as your thoughts & pics are intriguing

    We also live in E TN...west of Knoxville to be exact. Like you, we love the view and my husband loves the crazy roads for riding. (The Old Coots Club, of course.) He's a retired photographer, and like you an alternative source of energy-type guy.

    Got to get your blog on my follow list.