Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bigot Buzz Kill: 70% of Obama Voters Are White

Election post mortems are somewhat dry to the people who hated word problems in math. I'll try to skip the set up and go straight to the cheat sheet.

 There are still roughly 7 million votes that have yet to be counted in this Presidential election. Yeah, I said 7 million. Mitt Romney got fewer white votes than John McCain. Vote suppression appears to have worked in that 5 million votes fewer were cast in this election than in 2008. It appears that more white votes were suppressed than black or hispanic. Digest THAT ALEC people.

 The election was decided not so much with an increase in minority voters going for Obama so much as white voters not being all that strong for Romney. The percentage of white votes that Romney got is not the point, it's the total number of white votes that Romney got. The point is that 6 million whites did not go vote in this election. That number is three times the Obama advantage in minority votes.

 Bottom line: The election was decided by white voters who maybe didn't like Barack Obama but couldn't bring themselves to vote for the standard bearer of the Republican Party.

Real Clear Politics on the racial makeup of the electorate.

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