Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bush V Gore Supreme Court Decision Opens Door For Challenge of Presidential Election Results

Why are we reading this in British newspapers and not seeing it on the evening news? Why are Dems such wimps?

so far, the Democrats have been "timid" about doing this, he said."It is striking to see how committed they are to allowing this train wreck to occur," he said. "And more surprisingly, how little careful attention has been given (at the top at least) to just how vulnerable—given Bush v. Gore—the current (system for counting votes in the) electoral college is".
...the current system represents an "unconstitutional violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment and its bedrock principle of one man one vote," and therefore the election result could in theory be overturned by a court...Mr Lessig criticised the failure of those "at the top" to consider launching a legal challenge.

"Why are these big states standing by quietly as their voters are essentially silenced by the unconstitutional inequality?"
"What about the unfairness being felt by the millions of voters whose votes were effectively diluted, or essentially disenfranchised?" he said, suggesting the Attorney Generals of large states such as New York or California could easily walk into the Supreme Court and ask them to hear a case.

Here's the full article. Highly recommended! 

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