Tuesday, February 16, 2016

President Obama...Appoint a Warrior Not an Appeaser

I'm calling on President Obama to appoint a strongly Progressive person to the United States Supreme Court...Someone who will read the Constitution as protecting "We, the People" rather than twisting it to serve corporate masters and the politically powerful... To place before the Senate a person who will frighten conservatives with an unyielding dedication to "Truth, Justice, and the American way"...Someone who understands that free speech is not money spread so unequally in an increasingly oligarchical society. 

Surely there is a person of judicial stature who believes in facts and that truth and honesty and ethics are qualities to be revered and that Supreme Court decisions are not trinkets to be traded for luxury hunting trips or lobbying fees to a spouse or speaking fees for appearances before secretive right wing organizations.

For the sake of our Nation appoint that person! Please do not forsake our children's future by appointing someone who appears moderate to extremists.

 President Obama, give us a lion not a lamb!

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