Saturday, December 5, 2015

When Religions Predict the End of the World I Laugh...When Scientists Predict the End of the World...

I am aware that the overwhelming majority of scientists are scared to death of global warming and have been sounding the alarm for nearly 50 years. I am also aware that very few thoughtful people believe we are doing enough to deal with it. We are past the tipping point.
For years now, we have heard that we are at a tipping point. Al Gore warned us in An Inconvenient Truth that immediate action was required if we were to prevent global warming. In 2007, Sir David King, former chief scientific advisor to the British government, declared, “Avoiding dangerous climate change is impossible – dangerous climate change is already here. The question is, can we avoid catastrophic climate change?”
There are all sorts of proposals for saving Planet Earth from the highly unlikely asteroid impact but essentially nothing on the inevitable destruction of our ability to live on Planet Earth due to our own stupidity.

The human race seems to have a death wish.

Achieving a carbon-neutral society is a necessary long-term goal regardless of other technological fixes. Technology could buy us the time to get there without our planet burning up. Ultimately, we need a Cold War-level of investment in research into new technologies to mitigate the coming effects of global warming. Without it, the United Nations’ work is a nice gesture, but hardly a meaningful one.

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