Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Tidbits

The message of Sesame Street is clear. Sesame Street was funded by public funds with the hope that it would help poor kids. But it helped middle class kids because the parents sat with them and explained it, and the gap in knowing your letters between the poor and affluent was bigger after Sesame Street than before. 

  If you remove all forms of tax subsidies from the calculation, wind power is by far the least expensive form of electric power, solar is slightly more expensive than coal and gas but will pass them before a power plant started today could be finished.

Who ever judged a man for not being home to cook his child's dinner or wipe her nose? Or opting not to take paternity leave? Why this incessant drumbeat about women and the work/life choices they make? Why should only women shoulder the double burden of work and family responsibilities? And why hasn't the workplace caught up to the needs of the women who have been flooding into it for years now?

The not for profit voter registration organization, ACORN, has been completely exonerated, even though it no longer exists. Several of those involved in making and editing the videotapes have lost court cases and paid hefty damages to the people at Acorn, including $100,000.00 to the woman who James O'keefe falsely claimed did not call police after his pimp and prostitute attempt to catch them making illegal registrations. 

I have yet to meet a Republican who knows that, the day prior to it going into effect, the GOP filibustered two Senate bills that would have avoided the manufactured crisis known as the "sequester".

Your turn...

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