Monday, January 14, 2013

Want To Understand the Bailout? Ignore WSJ and NYT...Subscribe to Rolling Stone

We should be shocked at:
  the complete immunity of the elite Wall Street folks who caused this crisis through fraud, who became wealthy because of those frauds, and were then bailed out as a result of their frauds. None of them are being prosecuted.

...robo-signing, ...means what they were doing was lying systematically to the tune, typically, of the large places, of 10,000 times a month, so over 100,000 times a year, committing felonies that would lead to people being made homeless in America, in many cases. It’s just an astonishing aspect that nobody has gone to prison for all of this and that they gave them one of the largest grants of immunity you’ll ever see.

An interesting read (skip the video) of an interview with Matt Taibbi and William Black.

No elite Wall Street creeps were prosecuted, nobody from the banks who feloniously foreclosed on innocent homeowners has gone to jail.

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