Monday, December 17, 2012

Today...From My Senator and My Congressman

Senator Corker is a pro gun vote in the Senate. He and his other pro gun compatriots were asked to appear on Meet The Press yesterday and discuss things in light of the massacre of 20 six and seven year old children at their school by a crazy person with assault weapons. Senator Corker refused. At the same time the Nation was going into shock and despair at what had happened, Senator Corker showed his sensitivity by attempting to talk about cutting social security and Medicare in order to reduce the national debt. Sent me an email.  Brave man, that Corker.   Here is a bit of his gun record

I just received a push poll call asking if Congressman Fleischman should vote for a bipartisan bill that would cut spending and reduce the debt. The nice person making the call seemed glad to hear me ask why the call wasn't asking if medicare and social security should be cut to reduce the debt instead of raising taxes on high income brackets? Are you doing a poll on guns at the same time? "No" he said. Then I think he went off script and said, "We need your opinions on this too. Thanks for not just hanging up. "

The Congressman has refused to address specifics on nearly every issue. His record is somewhat that of a weasel.

I accept whatever side of this you happen to have arrived at as long as you don't spout nonsense at me. It is time for us to reason together. The assault weapons ban was quite effective and we are not safer with more guns. I've owned weapons all of my life. I see no reason for assault type weapons, or large capacity magazines, or any reason for there to be loop holes in background checks. You have a record of mental instability, violent or felonious crimes...No gun. No exceptions.

The status quo is both insane and untenable. We have to do something. It is time for our leaders to come out from behind their shields if rhetoric and evasion and grow some courage.

 Let me repeat myself: It is time for us to put aside nonsense and reason together.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Even about Mr. Corker. I have followed politics pretty closely since I was a young teenager in the Sixties and I cannot recall a single time when Mr. Corker made a particularly helpful public statement on any issue. "Mealy-mouthed" is what my father would have called him. Anyhow, I agree. The status quo IS insane and untenable. There must be a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, this time with no loopholes in the weapons descrition or for owning large capacity ammunition magazines or whatever they are called. It did not disarm the citizenry when it was in effect before and we will not be disarmed this time. We will, however, have a fighting chance to defend ourselves and others from those who choose to attack the innocent.