Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Rainy Day Picnic...Good!

A great appreciation to Senator Andy Berke who stood and delivered a great message to the East TN Labor Day Picnic. 

"Republicans don't want to climb mountains, they want to blow up mountains!"

The crowd was well in excess of the torrential expectations and several local notables came out and heard things they don't normally get to listen to in their regular circle.

Roane County Commissioner Steve Kelly led the cooking effort in a constant driving rain. Nobody left hungry.

Senator Berke spoke with everyone and took time to answer all questions.

The theme of this year's picnic was "Honoring Teachers". Reba Luttrell spoke for the Tennessee Education Association supporting those politicians who support teachers, and vowing to vote politicians who work against teachers and education out of office. Great speech, Reba!

Thank You, Senator Berke! What we wouldn't give to have you representing Roane County.

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