Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coal news

Local Roane County citizens were up in arms when they thought our county fathers were going to allow TVA to dump coal ash into the Midtown landfill. I wonder how they'll feel when they find out that their new Teahadist Congressman Scott DesJarlias is in favor of allowing coal to be classified the same a kitchen garbage and, yes, going into the Midtown landfill?

The Midtown landfill is currently inoperable. It is supposed to have a composite liner that the county paid for but somehow never got installed.

It is well documented that coal kills at both ends of its cycle. Being a coal miner is even more dangerous than being a farmer, both of which are three times more dangerous than being a cop just to put things in perspective. The Attorney General of North Carolina proved in court that TVA coal fired generating plants were responsible for killing about 150 North Carolinians every single year and sickening 3000 or so. I keep wondering why, now that the US Supreme Court has declared corporations to be persons, we can't try one for murder? I pick Massey Coal to start with.

In the most amazing good news of the day:

New York mayor and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg announced a game-changing gift to the Sierra Club -- a $50 million commitment over four years to the Beyond Coal Campaign .

This is a huge deal! The problem is that we all breathe the same air, rich, poor, middle class, or richer than rich like Bloomberg.

Thank You, sir!

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