Monday, May 2, 2011

The Long Strange Trip to Osama Bin Laden's Nonexistence

I wonder if we will ever know the true relationship between George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden?

It was Salem Bin Laden who gave W the nickname of "Shrub".

Salem set W up in the oil business in a company called Arbuto, meaning shrub.

Osama Bin Laden traveled with his older brother and met W.

The neo-conservative organization, Project for a New American Century (PNAC), called for a "Pearl Harbor like incident" to be used to attack Iraq and take over the oil fields and pipelines.

PNAC  membership included Dick Cheney, and a number of prominent conservatives with dual American Israeli citizenship including William Krystal, and Bush administration officials, Paul Bremer who ran the disastrous Iraq occupation, and Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense who mongered for the Iraq war.

I should not have to remind anyone that the Bush administration was nothing if not asleep at the wheel on 9-11 even though they had been given intelligence reports warning them that Bin laden was determined to attack inside the United States using airplanes.

Other Bush administration officials who hold dual Israeli citizenship are John Bolton, Ari Fleisher, James Schlesenger, and Scooter Libby, Cheney's chief of staff who took a bullet for him for outing a CIA agent (Valerie Plame). The list also includes W's campaign manager, Ken Melman and many others.

Immediately after 9-11 members of the Bin Laden family were flown out of the USA by the Bush Administration while there was a no fly order on all aviation in this country for three days.

For seven years Bush ceremoniously chased Osama Bin Laden around Afghanistan with amazing inability to catch him, including the imfamous Tora Bora incident.

Now, eight years to the day the Bush stood in his ill fitting flight suit and proclaimed "Mission Accomplished", the Obama Administration has actually ended that particular mission by ending Osama Bin Laden's life with a gun shot to the head. A spectacularly successful attack into a compound in Pakistan by US navy Seals lasted 40 minutes, lost no American lives, harmed no civilians, and retrieved Bin laden's body for DNA testing and ignominious burial at sea in accordance with Islamic principles.

Let us step back from the visceral rush of the moment and remember that Osama Bin Laden was not so much at war with the United States as he was at war with the conscienceless capital markets of Wall Street. Bin Laden let his religious zealotry destroy not only himself but any chance of actually accomplishing his goal, that of ending outside financial interests ability to retool the organs of a nation to their own profit at the expense of that nation's obligations to its own citizens and their quality of life. This is a goal 80 percent of Americans could have shared had Osama chosen methods other than a spectacular act of destruction aimed at who he perceived as the enemy, the World Trade Center which housed the offices of multinational financial houses, the Pentagon which served as protector for those financial interests around the globe, and probably the White House which had sold its soul to those same financial interests.

Had Bin Laden chosen to uses his wealth to wage a war of ideas would he have had a better chance of success? As the Bush administration was sunsetting, those hated financial entities threatened the shutdown of the global financial network unless they were given trillions of dollars. It was a sick parody of the Black Sheriff in Blazing Saddles  holding a gun to his own head  and demanding that Congress and Bush do what he says, "Or the N****R gets it!"  As a result, trillions of US dollars flowed out of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank in secret loans. Republican members of the House of Representatives blocked an audit of the Fed which would have found out how much was given away and who got it. had Osama Bin laden declared an information jihad instead of one of destruction and death, would Goldman Sach's and all the others have been able to steal America's piggy bank and continue to prop up the actions in the Middle East that drove Bin Laden to extremism in the first place?

Jihadist terror will not end because Bin Laden is dead, but I am gladdened by his future nonexistence even though I share an enemy of his. Like Bin Laden should have chosen to do, Americans must fight an ideological war against neo-conservative extremism in which the Neocons own the playing field, the referees, and are buying up most of the players after the Citizen's United decision allowing unlimited Corporate money into political campaigns. If America is to be run for the benefit of "We, the People" we have to learn the deeper lesson of Osama Bin Laden's misguided and destructive life.



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