Saturday, April 30, 2011

As We Send Our Wishes and Our donations to Tornado Victims...

Somehow the GOP will manage to blame President Obama for not getting Federal aid to the tornado stricken areas fast enough. They will not want us to remember that under law FEMA aid must first be requested by the Republican Governors of those states and that Republicans have a standing resolution to slash FEMA's budget by half. Let's remember who the bad guys are, shall we?

Why? Disaster Capitalism. If the Federal Government is restrained from helping its citizens, disaster profiteers stand to make billions while still leaving the people with destroyed lives and little hope of being made whole. Think about those toxic trailers that were sold to the Feds that were never occupied and the money never recovered.

 Unfathomable as it is to decent people, there are always vultures who prey on those with the least ability to fend for themselves. It is the role of government to protect good citizens from bad citizens. This is the one quality of government "Of, By and For the People" the Republicans most diligently work to destroy. 

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